Summer Wrap Up Questionnaire

Events Attended
Summers is a popular time to attend conferences and trainings. How many such events did you attend this summer?
Best Gigster Insights
Which Gigster Insight article themes spoke to you the most?
Summer Gig Suggestions
We created a lists of suggested summer Gigs in the May 23 and June 6 newsletters. Did these come in handy?
More Tech Revews?
I started using a Moleskine paper-to-digital note-taking system this summer and I was so impressed that I decided to write a short review. Would you like to read more tech reviews that address specific needs of Collegiate Gigsters?
How We Take Notes
The Moleskine note-taking system worked well for me but I am curious to know what you use to take notes in meetings, lectures, and at conferences.
Historic Gigster Opinion
How useful and interesting is the Historic Gigster section, where we take examples from history and apply them to today's business world.
Video Reviews & TED Talks
Do the TED talk commentaries and video clip reviews provide useful insights?
Prefered Gigster 'Zine Frequency
We used to publish a Gigster 'Zine every week, and now that we are nearing our first product launch, we switched to every other week. We may switch to monthly later. How often would you prefer to receive the Gigster 'Zine! in your in-box?
The Gigster 'Zine! is our most important medium for reaching out to our community. Do you have any suggestions on how we can grow our community or any thoughts on how to improve the newsletter?