Gigster Summers, Part 2: More resources for income during the slower summer months

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In an earlier edition of the Gigster 'Zine, I spoke about the difficulties of managing as a Gigster during the summer because companies and organizations tend to end their contracts during this time. We included some ideas on earning extra income in the summer, which you can review here.

The feedback was overwhelming but you also sent us more suggestions that we thought would be useful for everyone. Yes, there are many Gigs available during this time, but we want to focus on those that make effective use of your Collegiate Gigster skills.

So here is Part 2 of our list of suggestions for earning a little extra income this Summer:

Academic Tutoring
Several of you do tutoring Gigs during the Summer. Services like Wyznat Tutoring Services help you connect with those needing academic assistance and training.

Test Websites
One of our readers mentioned that finding work for the differently-abled is especially difficult. Here is something you can do from home and does not require a lot of physical activity: testing websites for quality at UserTesting.

Virtual Assistant
Many professionals need help managing their calendars, contacts and customers. If you are organized, becoming a VA may be just for you. If this is of interest, check out Assistant Match.

Teach English Online
Gigsters have to be good in speaking, reading and writing in English. Why not teach children around the world to do so as well? One site that makes this easy is VIPkid.

Be a Local Tour Guide
How well do you know your own city? Why not enlighten others from abroad with your knowledge? One site that makes this very easy is Vayable.

Transcription Services
Are you a fast typist? Good with language? How about transcribing audio & video for large companies? There are many options online, but one company that has an easy interface for improving the skills of transcribers is Go Transcript.

Teach Online
Everyone knows Udemy as a popular place to get trained online. Did you also know that it is also a great place to teach and earn extra income doing so? As a Collegiate Gigsters you have unique skills already, so rising to the top shouldn't be too difficult.

Summer work 2 - 266x400.jpg

Now we would be remiss if we didn't mention the three biggest online temp sites, especially for programmers:

In a way, they are our competition, we know. They also happen to be open for business, while we are almost there. We are confident enough in our own service that when we are up & running, we believe you will agree that we offer Gigs that cater to your higher-level skills and leave more in your pockets.

So go ahead, try them out, we're not worried.

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