Summing Up the Summer with A Call to Action


As the summer wraps up, and the fall gets into full swing, many Collegiate Gigsters are preparing to (re)start jobs as instructors or continue at regular jobs outside of academia. Throughout the summer, I’ve provided insights into how we can craft our very own DIY Professional Development Toolkit!

We started with a discussion on how to reconnect with our joy, then moved on to figuring out our stories, and finally identifying our transferrable skills at any age. I also provided a review of a digital writing tool to help reliably document and save thoughts and discussions (I loved that article, but I digress).

All of the articles are pulled from my Adjunct Strategies blog, which exists to provide valuable ideas on how to remake ourselves, refocus our efforts, and regain some perspective on where we are (or where we want to be) professionally. While it is intended for adjunct faculty, the lessons really apply to all Collegiate Gigsters.

At this point, I want to hear from you, the Collegiate Gigsters. Share your stories of how the articles and the Gigster ‘Zine newsletter has helped you grow and develop. I’ve created a very short, multiple choice and anonymous survey for you to share your thoughts. Here is the link:


I will tabulate the data and then share the results with you in an upcoming issue. My goal is to share with you all the results so that we can all learn from each other. This is in line with our third C, Community. I see the Colégas as a collaborative community of like-minded, enthusiastic, and engaged professionals who are committed to the betterment of not just themselves but the entire community. If we can all learn from each other, we can all improve our chances of success.

With that note, may this fall be even better than we had already expected!

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